Customised Financial Solutions

A methodical approach used to help you achieve your financial wellbeing by handholding and guiding you through the process by providing customised financial solutions. Every person has multiple goals across different stages of life. Some may be general goals e.g. buying a residence, children’s education, marriage, retirement planning, Succession Planningetc. Some may be specific goals e.g. paying off home loan early, foreign vacation, saving a corpus to start a business, Vacation home etc.

We always suggest a goal based financial plan.There is a need to constantly move toward the desired target.

There will have distractions, deviations in the way but maintaining consistency is the only way which one can keep on course.

Normally following steps are followed in making of a goal based plan :-

  • List down your goals
  • Budget the Expenses at current cost
  • Identifying financial liabilities and prepare an optimal repayment plan based on your cash flow
  • Risk Profiling for the purpose of identifying risk taking capacity and ability
  • Work out Asset Allocation according to risk profile
  • Work out investment plan based on Asset Allocation
  • Review, Monitor and Reassess Investments periodically

Trugrow will help in providing customised financial solutions tailored to your needs.We also monitor the progress and keepyou focused and on track towards achieving your financial goals in a timebound manner.